Aria the Animation

Aired Oct 6 2005
Genre Slice-of-Life, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Theme Iyashikei
Thoughts Sooo relaxing. I love watching this at bedtime. I'm trying not to binge watch it all in one go. The world of Neo-Venezia seems so inviting and magical. The OST deserves an honourable mention since it's so beautiful and adds so much to the show.

Flying Witch

Aired Apr 10 2016
Genre Slice-of-Life, Supernatural
Theme Iyashikei
Thoughts I would give my left arm to go back in time and watch this show for the first time again. I wish it was longer than 12 episodes! If you like Kiki's Delivery Service then you will love this!

Non Non Biyori

Aired Oct 8 2013
Genre Slice-of-Life, School
Theme Iyashikei
Thoughts This is the first anime I ever watched! Super funny and cute. I fell in love with rural Japan thanks to this show. The pace of life there seems so slow and peaceful.


Aired Jul 6 2014
Genre Slice-of-Life
Theme Iyashikei, Childcare
Thoughts I didn't know what to expect when starting Barakamon but I was surpised how quickly I got into it and binge-watched so fast. Seishuu Handa is a talented calligrapher who moves to the rural Goto Islands. This show has very relaxing music and a peaceful island setting.

The Ancient Magus Bride

Aired Oct 8 2017
Genre Fantasy, Supernatural
Theme Mythology
Thoughts I LOVE THIS ANIME! The aesthetic and OST are just... *chefs kiss*. There's something about this being set in rural England that makes it so familiar and comforting to me. There are some darker themes and scary moments in this show so if you're sensitive to that then beware!


Aired Apr 3 2002
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Theme Sci-Fi
Thoughts This show is so different from what I imagined it would be. The CLAMP art style is so beautiful. I find this anime really gives you an early 2000s vibe. The music is super cute too! My favourite character is Yuzuki.