Hey, you made it! Thanks for stopping by. Some pages are still works in progress. This site is a mishmash of my hobbies, interests and internet addiction. I'm just learning HTML and CSS so some things might not work properly yet!

To-do List:

★ - add some shrines!
★ - add a resources page
★ - sort out anime
★ - sort out links
★ - webamp...

Site Updates:

24/01/23 ★ - Uuuuuuhhhhh
17/01/23 ★ - Had to remove WebAmp for now cos I can't figure out how to get the effect I want! I have added more to Anime page and started to organise the Links page a little more.
12/01/23 ★ - Finally learned what an iframe is so I had to change everything about D:
10/01/23 ★ - Added WebAmp music player and made my own badge!
02/01/23 ★ - Happy New Year! Added About, Links, Toybox and Anime pages and completely recreated the site background :)
19/12/22 ★ - rebuilt the site from scratch, still working to add more content!