a new project...

Nov. 1st 2023

morning all! i bought the domain syntheticfruits.online this week... thinking of building a new site for graphic design/art/clothes stuff. honestly, i don't really know yet. i didn't really feel motivated to do anything on my site this week which is strange because i have been spending hours on it for months. i need to stop punishing myself when i get creative block and just.. go outside instead. hopefully next week won't be like that. i am looking for recommendations for cosy games for the winter so please let me know! i am going to make a fave games page soon. ttyl! x

welcome to my diary!

Oct. 24th 2023

so.... i decided to start a diary on my site? i hope i remember to keep up with it! my only plans are to pick some coffee beans up today with my bf and have a nice lunch in the little town where the roastery is. anyway.. i'll sign off for now..

...Oct. 24th 15:51pm

update!! we went for a tasty late lunch at a farm shop.
no big plans for the rest of the day now.. just going to relax and take a bath tonight since it was cold and rainy out today. bye for now!!

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